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IT law, Security, IT contracts,

IT law, Security, IT contracts,

IT contracts

Whether negotiating the terms of a contract on behalf of a client or drafting one according to the client’s instructions, Ulys offers an excellent knowledge of law and technology which allows us to provide bespoke contracts which, while being watertight, are also workable and fair.

Moreover, Ulys provides assistance in preparing the project, including Requests for Proposal (RfP).

Furthermore, the firm’s litigation specialists assist in cases of breach of contract.

IT contracts in the banking sector

The firm has built reputation as a market leader in relation with (complex) IT contracts in the banking sector.

In association with the department of e-payment and e-banking, Ulys contributes in-depth knowledge of the banking and financial sector and ensures a high level of service, a result of vast experience in the field.

IT security

Security holds a central stake in businesses. Data is the most valuable asset to businesses and continuity of the IT infrastructure is vital.

Successful businesses include a legal layer in the definition and implementation of security policies. In this respect, Ulys is the first port of call.


Digitalization is important for Ulys’ litigators (is electronic admissible in Court as an evidence), but not only. Digital certificates, electronic signature and digitalization of contracts and/or archives are among the usual questions raised by Ulys’ clients.

The firm has also run several projects of electronic billing.

Licence, maintenance, source code/

Working with experts from the department of intellectual property, Ulys helps clients tackle questions relating to license and maintenance (whether IT or software), including the important question of source code and decompilation.

If necessary, out litigators take the lead to defend the client in Court.

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