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American Regional Desk

American Regional Desk

Building on their experience, the firm has produced an 80 page guide entitled ‘Doing business in the USA’. I sums up everything you absolutely have to know before launching a business in the USA.

The guide is free and downloadable (see the column on the left).

You can also get it in the mobile application (see the column on the left).

West coast, east coast

The Bay area (San Francisco, Silicon Valley) is the birthplace of new American technologies. It is the place to be for innovative entrepreneurs; they can find potential partners or simply soak up the energy that is all around.

The East coast is also very important; it is the centre for financiers and investors. It is also the place where many deals are finalized.

Chicago, Texas and Florida can also be hot spots in the American financial and technology markets.

Over the years, Ulys has developed a network to enable Belgian and French clients pursue their American dream.

Whether you need a work visa or to locate R&D centre, find a distribution partner in the US or settle a company over there, Ulys can provide the necessary contacts.

Europe – USA – Israel : "Yes Oui Ken"

Thanks to the network it has created over the years, Ulys has developed unique expertise in a triangular business relationship between Europe, the USA and Israel.

The firm has created a multidisciplinary team specializing in these three zones to secure trade and investment.

As well as working directly with the clients, Ulys also offers the help of experts with whom it has worked with for years, providing clients with work of a consistently high quality.

Some recent interventions

  • A Belgian company was debating whether to incorporate in the US or to do business without a base. If they decided to incorporate, where would be the best place to set up? Taking into account the unique characteristics of the project and the inherent risks in a sector which is highly exposed to the liability of its products,Ulys was able to set up a company within a few days thanks to its connections.

  • In another case a French entrepreneur wished to establish contact with a Californian technology service provider. Thanks to their onsite knowledge, Ulys was able to open the door for him. The firm went through the different options with him and was his representative in negotiating a contract.

  • A French website knew that the services they offered would be of interest to American clients but were worried about the dangers of legal liability and the difficulties of setting up suitable call center. In collaboration with their New York representative, Ulys was able to reassure the client about the legal risks and suggest how to reduce them. The American lawyer was able to put the French client in touch with a call center from among his clients.