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Israeli Regional Desk

Israeli Regional Desk

Silicon wadi

For 20 years, Israel has pursued an ambitious programme to stimulate innovation in the digital economy, in particular to encourage small to medium size businesses.

This has led to Silicon Wadi, the Israeli equivalent of California’s Silicon Valley. Around Tel-Aviv and along the Mediterranean Sea, hundreds of innovative companies are to be found.

In addition, French speakers (along with Russian speakers) make up the largest community grouping in Israel.

Ulys has been involved in the Israeli market for over a decade, starting off as a branch office and then forming a partnership with a renowned local firm.

Ulys works with French and Belgian clients who are keen to invest in Israel or hoping to expand their business there.

Ulys also helps Israeli companies which are interested in the European market or are looking for investors in Europe.

Europe – USA – Israel : "Yes Oui Ken"

Thanks to the network it has created over the years, Ulys has developed unique expertise in a triangular business relationship between Europe, the USA and Israel.

The firm has created a multidisciplinary team specializing in these three zones to secure trade and investment.

As well as working directly with the clients, Ulys also offers the help of experts with whom it has worked with for years, providing clients with work of a consistently high quality.

Some recent interventions

  • An Israeli medical company, offered European practitioners a system based on a device installed in the doctor’s premises, connected to a server in Israel which would process real-time data. Ulys put the contracts in place and ensured compliance with the laws surrounding processing of health data.

  • A French entrepreneur had the opportunity to sign a contract in the online gaming industry with an influential Israeli company. Thanks to its contacts and knowledge of the country and its particular cultural background, Ulys was able to finalise the contract within a few weeks.

  • Ubifrance and Ulys collaborated to produce a manual for French entrepreneurs interested in starting businesses in Israel. Ulys contributed to a part of the guide by providing practical, immediately useful information.

  • An Israeli software editor of B2C mobile app wanted to extend his business to the European Union, particularly France. Ulys took charge of the whole operation: the creation of the branch; putting in place the contracts; taking into consideration the relevant European legislation.