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E-Health, E-Pharmacy, E-Medicine

E-Health, E-Pharmacy, E-Medicine

Medical data

Medical data is subject to special attention in the law. Ulys ensures clients the possibility of lawfully processing medical data.

Whether digitalizing medical records for medical research or the commercial exploitation of key data, Ulys’ experts are renowned.

In the last few years the integration of healthcare into digital technology has seen a rise in e-health mobile apps as well as the growing use of internet devices. Ulys’ technical experts have studied the points of legal focus in this newly developed area.

Specific contracts

Healthcare has its own unique guidelines and policies which must be taken into account when drafting contracts in this specific field. Ulys has gained a unique expertise.

Online pharmacies

Ulys is at the forefront of the online pharmacy sector.

It represents many stakeholders and gives advice on the establishment of legal trade vis-à-vis the authorities and professional associations.

Ulys’ expertise allows the firm to intervene in matters related to network distribution of products sold in pharmacies (supply, restrictions on sale, distribution network, etc.)


Litigation is not unusual in this sector where regulation is complex eand new, competition fierce, and professional associations (pharmacist) reluctant to ancourage this new business.

Recent interventions

  • A Belgian online pharmacy wanted to expand the business to France. They were however worried by the recent French regulation on good practices in this area. With the help of Ulys they were able to adopt secure and reliable provisions.

  • A hospital wanted to update its IT infrastructure. The contract offered was a standard document. Ulys opened renegotiations for the terms which resulted in the conclusion of a SLA commitment.

  • A mobile app aims to help patients who need semi-constant medical assistance in the home. However, there are serious issues concerning personal data. Ulys took over the dossier working alongside with the data protection authority.

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