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  • IT & IP Litigation in Europe: A Legal Guide for Foreign Lawyers

    by Etienne Wery

    For 20+ years, Ulys has represented clients entrusted to us by foreign lawyers, before French and Belgian courts.

    Over the years Ulys has written a guide aimed at foreign lawyers. The overall purpose is to provide valuable information and tips to foreign practitioners.

    Whether you are currently engaged in a litigation or contemplating this option, this Guide will help foreign practitioners to understand better how such litigation will take place.

    To the extent possible, the author has tried to make it comprehensible for any foreign lawyer, regardless his or her country of origin. The reader will hopefully obtain useful insights on the basics and some more detailed analysis of the subjects addressed.

    As far as possible, the author has included the case law from the European Court of Justice.

    As a guide, it obviously cannot deal in great depth with all subjects, nor can it cover every area encompassed by this broad field.

    If you need to organize a specific support or representation for your client, feel free to contact us.

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  • Reflections about legal duties's obligations and the notion of contractual obligation

    by Thierry Léonard

    Er bestaat een grote wisselwerking en zelfs kruisbestuiving tussen het verbintenissenrecht en het ondernemingsleven.

    De onderneming wordt zelfs terecht het ‘laboratorium van het verbintenissenrecht’ genoemd: daar worden de recentste evoluties in de wetgeving, de rechtspraak en de rechtsleer toegepast en getoetst; daar worden ook nieuwe rechtsfiguren en verfijnde contractuele clausules ontwikkeld.

    Men kan voor figuren voortgekomen uit de praktijk, denken aan het documentair krediet en de vormen van achterstelling van schuldvordering. Inzake contractuele clausules dringen verfijningen binnen in de theorie vanuit de onderhandelingstafels (zo voor de rechtsgevolgen van een due diligence-onderzoek of van tijdelijke overmacht).

    Maar de doctrine en de rechtspraak komen ook het ondernemingsleven tegemoet door kritisch en toekomstgericht na te denken over klassieke, soms vastgeroeste leerstukken, zoals dat van de overdreven (hoge én lage) schadebedingen en van de rechterlijke controle (vaak a posteriori) op de inwerkingstelling van contractuele clausules bij wanprestatie.

    Het boek bundelt bijdragen (18 in totaal) zowel over klassieke onderwerpen van het verbintenissenrecht als over nieuwe figuren. Zo zijn er onder meer bijdragen over de ‘closing’, de precontractuele informatie in distributiecontracten, de opschortende en ontbindende voorwaarden, niet-concurrentiebedingen, exoneratiebedingen, arbitrage- en bemiddelingsbedingen, ‘intuitus personae’ in het faillissement, de ‘cloud’ en het verbintenissenrecht.

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  • The security of information systems

    by Cathie-Rosalie Joly

    The security of information systems is the work of each one of us. Especially in the era of hyper-connectivity (Cloud, BYOD, ... IOT) and insidious threats from increasingly sophisticated.

    From April 2015 to January 2016, five workshops were an opportunity to explore different facets of this transformation: Changing roles of the CIO and CISO, The security challenges of the digital transformation, efficiency SOC in question, data security related to Cloud, BYOD and the IOT, the establishment of a shared approach to these risks.

    This book contains five chapters, each containing a result, an interview with a RSSI to enlighten our visions and innovative initiatives, an account of the discussions held during the workshop to measure the progress of each one of us.

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  • Consumer protection of digital content

    by Hervé Jacquemin

    Find the contribution of Me Jacquemin on the theme: "Consumer protection of digital content."

    With the constant development of information and communication technologies, and the use of increasingly common mobile devices (Smartphone or tablet type), a large number of transactions now have to be movies, music, video games, software, applications or digital books.

    These can be acquired by the recipient upon delivery of physical media (CD-ROM, DVD ...), in a traditional store or by Bpost but also online, at the end of a download operation.

    These assumptions constitute what is now called "digital content".

    Most services are accessible online through digital content.

    What protection for the consumer? This growth is closely linked to the level of consumer confidence in these products, which may be required to establish a specific regulation.

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  • The action in collective repair

    by Thierry Leonard

    In October 2015, association Test-Achats deposited a request in collective action against the tour operator Thomas Cook.

    It was the first implementation concrete of the device introduced into the Code of economic right by the law of March 28th, 2014 and come into effect on September 1st of the same year.

    Written in collaboration with Thierry Léonard, read his article in link with the sector of telecommunications: pretext to trip on the borders of the law on collective repair (book XVII of CDE).

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  • The contractual formalism as consumer protection mechanism: some reflections on European law and comparative law (Belgium and Spain)

    by Hervé Jacquemin

    Find the publication by Hervé Jacquemin on the theme: The contractual formalism as consumer protection mechanism: some reflections on European law and comparative law (Belgium and Spain).

    The contractual formalism among the means mobilized by the legislature (the European Union and of each Member State) to protect consumers in their dealings with professionals.

    This contribution follows a seminar at the University of Barcelona on October 25, 2013. It is the reworked version of an old article adapted to Spanish law with the same author: "Fortunes and Misfortunes of contractual formalism as mechanism consumer protection ".

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  • Distance contracts and penalties for non-compliance with laws

    by Hervé Jacquemin

    Find the contribution of Me Jacquemin on the theme: "Distance contracts and penalties for non-compliance with laws: note in J.P. Wavre (2nd district), 18 February 2014".

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