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Our values


What this means

Ulys is characterised by a dual specialisation:

  1. Defined fields of competence, except where establishing a multidisciplinary team including external service providers on the request of the client;

  2. The application and adaptation of more traditional legal matters to technological issues.

This essential value makes it possible to understand the issue raised more quickly and better, and to offer a concrete, exploitable response taking account of the most recent developments in law and technology.

What this leads to in practical terms

  • A client seeks the assistance of a solicitor in the negotiation and writing of a complex ASP IT contract. Ulys works without delay, internally designating a solicitor with an immediate understanding of the vocabulary and the underlying technological issues. For the client, it is a time saving and a guarantee of efficiency.

  • A non-specialised firm is faced with a dismissal for serious offences recorded in email exchanges. It is unsure about the legality of the production of these emails. Through subcontracting or in partnership, Ulys will work in support for this precise issue. Everyone’s role is clear, and the risks of competition are non-existent.

  • A new directive is published in the electronic communications sector; it concerns several departments. A solicitor is given the assignment of performing a study, presenting it to the whole firm and indicating, in a few files, what this changes for the project in practical terms.

  • Each member of the firm is responsible for the legal monitoring of well-defined matters. They give ongoing training; they also oversee publication and give regular conferences in the fields under their responsibility. At the weekly meeting of the whole firm, they draw attention to crucial developments.

  • A solicitor becomes specialised through the cases, but also through his involvement in scientific and university works. All solicitors of the firm are active in the academic world, to varying degrees depending on the subject in question.