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Our values


What this means

Ulys is the image of the projects brought in by its clients: innovative!

This desire is above all expressed through the matters dealt with and the services offered, which vary from the legal services traditionally offered by a firm of solicitors to full project support, via concerted actions for raising awareness in political decision makers.

Innovation also shows in the management, which combines a constant aim for Total Quality (ISO 9001), advanced computerisation, multiannual progression plans, innovative communication and empowerment of workers.

A modern and human management, working towards innovation.

What this leads to in practical terms

  • A multinational company wishes to invest in France in a highly regulated field, but a legislative obstacle is making the project economically unviable. On behalf of the client Ulys recruits an agency specialised in institutional communication and forms an alliance with other companies faced with the same issue, in order to raise awareness in the government.

  • One of the firm’s clients is subject to a denigration campaign in certain newspapers. The firm does not simply represent the client on a legal level – it also takes the initiative (with the client’s agreement) at a media level. Because a client must also (and sometimes especially) be defended before the media.

  • The firm’s management, with a desire for cohesion and motivation of all members of the firm (solicitors and paralegals), is developing an ongoing internal coaching and training policy. From this arises a better atmosphere, greater solidarity within the team and better efficiency at all levels.

  • Within the framework of the negotiation of a contract, twelve people geographically spread out ver several time zones must correct draft contracts, SLAs and other related clauses. The track changes mode is no longer sufficient. Ulys temporarily creates secure access to a mini website dedicated to the project on which everybody involved can read the documents and annotate them, but where only the duly authorised people have the right to make changes.

  • The management review is held in January each year, which verifies that during the past year the comments and suggestions linked to quality have all been dealt with. Some clients participate in a satisfaction survey. In the aftermath of this the firm’s management adopts the corporate plan for the coming year, with a clear budget, assigned objectives, priority internal projects, agreed investments, etc. This strategy plan, comprising a multiannual measure, guides the teams throughout the year.