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Our values


What this means

Ulys is an integrated team, working for a project given by a “client partner”.

Legal advice is only a tool making it possible to achieve an objective; it must be simple, adapted and “solution” oriented.

Listening, communication, respect for constraints and the joint search for a solution are some of the tools that offer this value.

What this leads to in practical terms

  • Company Y wishes to develop an innovative web trading concept. The legality of the project is uncertain and the client does not have prior experience in this field. Ulys can offer both a practical response (founded on the experience of similar cases) and also, where appropriate, signpost the client to key people and resources in the sector concerned, through its own contacts and networks.

  • In a case, an aspect that everybody thinks is secondary at the beginning can ultimately prove to be key. Due to this, the solicitor in charge may notice that he is not the best qualified person within Ulys to manage the case. He will then talk to the most competent person, who will take over the leadership with the client’s agreement and work alongside the solicitor in charge. For the client, this is the guarantee of always having the best person working for them.

  • An international non-specialist firm is responsible for a merger-acquisition, but is struggling to realise the due diligence of the intangible elements such as trademarks and software. Ulys will quickly provide a person well accustomed to the exercise, who will integrate the team in order to undertake the necessary verifications, working within professional guidelines, and who will draw up his report in the general audit. For the end client it is a guarantee of quality; for the international firm it is the option of engaging, for a limited time, an immediately operational partner.

  • A European Commission request for proposals is published. It requires the rapid establishment of a mixed university/solicitors consortium at a European level. Ulys writes the standard documents and distributes them via its networks to potential partners, which respond according to the proposed framework. The consortium is set up in a few days, with a consistent response to the request for proposals. This is ultimately successful. Ulys puts a project team in place responsible for checking the relevance and institutes a timekeeper who oversees respect for deadlines.

  • A solicitor of the firm is responsible for a totally new case; he is unsure of the direction to take first. During the weekly meeting of the whole firm, he presents the problem and a general discussion takes place. From this discussion emerge precedents, ideas and models. For the client it is a saving of time and quality; for the whole firm it is the opportunity to demonstrate solidarity.