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Our values


What this means

All members of the team, solicitors and paralegal staff, are careful to respect the agreements entered into, both external (clients and also suppliers) and internal (respect for everyone’s roles, team spirit and initiative).

Our commitment is not limited to our role as solicitors, but extends to other responsibilities taken on voluntarily, such as teaching and expert responsibilities.

What this leads to in practical terms

  • A new legislative development takes place, which proves key in a project that a regular client has finally given up. The solicitor in charge of the case contacts the client proactively, so as to check he is aware of the change in law and what this involves for the project.

  • A partner of the firm is specialised in the legal protection of minors on the Internet. In addition to defending his clients, he participates in a voluntary group of experts within an organisation for the protection of abused children.

  • A client is awaiting a consultation on a specialist issue of competition and intellectual property; the deadline given is short and not all the information necessary to an exhaustive analysis of the case could be collated by the client. In these circumstances, the people responsible for the case need a few extra days to put together the required document. The client is contacted immediately in order to find the best solution for him: deliver a preliminary document, subject to further research, or defer communication of the complete project by a few days. In both cases, Ulys will suggest that a solicitor visit the client without delay in order to help him constitute the file as quickly as possible.

  • Ulys takes over from another firm of solicitors in a highly complex legal case. The client (American company) feels his case is almost hopeless, after having lost an emergency hearing and initial proceedings on the merits. The client is asking Ulys for a second legal opinion. A multidisciplinary working group is created within the firm and ultimately ideas are discussed to make it possible to reach a new solution, via a preliminary question to the European Court of Justice.

  • A German company envisages launching a brand new on-line activity, which raises questions in terms of respect for the rights of others. There is no case law or doctrine known in France (or in Benelux) on the subject. The solicitors in charge of the case set to assiduous research of foreign case law (through the firm’s networks and contacts) and end up discovering a decision of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands which validates the concept, basing its ruling on legal principles similar to those existing in France. This case law makes it possible to reassure the national authorities, which then authorise the project launch.