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The security of information systems

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The security of information systems

by Cathie-Rosalie Joly

The security of information systems is the work of each one of us. Especially in the era of hyper-connectivity (Cloud, BYOD, ... IOT) and insidious threats from increasingly sophisticated.

From April 2015 to January 2016, five workshops were an opportunity to explore different facets of this transformation: Changing roles of the CIO and CISO, The security challenges of the digital transformation, efficiency SOC in question, data security related to Cloud, BYOD and the IOT, the establishment of a shared approach to these risks.

This book contains five chapters, each containing a result, an interview with a RSSI to enlighten our visions and innovative initiatives, an account of the discussions held during the workshop to measure the progress of each one of us.

Publisher: Corlet Numérique
Publication date: XXXX