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Consumer protection of digital content

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Consumer protection of digital content

by Hervé Jacquemin

Find the contribution of Me Jacquemin on the theme: "Consumer protection of digital content."

With the constant development of information and communication technologies, and the use of increasingly common mobile devices (Smartphone or tablet type), a large number of transactions now have to be movies, music, video games, software, applications or digital books.

These can be acquired by the recipient upon delivery of physical media (CD-ROM, DVD ...), in a traditional store or by Bpost but also online, at the end of a download operation.

These assumptions constitute what is now called "digital content".

Most services are accessible online through digital content.

What protection for the consumer? This growth is closely linked to the level of consumer confidence in these products, which may be required to establish a specific regulation.

Publisher: Larcier
Publication date: XXXX
Tag(s): consumer, multimedia, Droit et Nouvelles Technologies, DVD, audiovisual media