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Update on novation, confusion and debt forgiveness

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Update on novation, confusion and debt forgiveness

by Hervé Jacquemin

Read Hervé Jacquemin's publiation over the theme : "Innovation, confusion and debt forgiveness".

Contrary to what might suggest the Civil Code, grounds for terminating obligations apply to all civil obligations, whatever the source.

This demonstrates the practical importance of the subject.

Taking into account the most recent doctrinal work, the book covers the period from the beginning of the millennium until 2013.

After an introductory presentation (Patrick Wéry), this jurisprudence of chronic studies:

- Payment, which is the cause of the most common extinguishing obligations (Coralie Marr);

- Offset of two reciprocal debts (Florence George);

- Debt forgiveness, novation and confusion (Hervé Jacquemin)

- The waiver of a right and rechtsverwerking particular as an application of the abuse of rights (Pierre Bazier)

- Lapse of the obligation by the disappearance of one of its essential elements (Paul Foriers Alain and Marie-Amélie Garny).

Publisher: Bruylant
Collection: Commission Université-Palais (CUP)
Publication date: XXXX
Theme(s): Questions of Liability
Tag(s): right of renunciation, jurisprudence, performance obligation