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Sex online: legal framework and protection of the minors

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Sex online: legal framework and protection of the minors

by Etienne Wéry

Although the internet is not exclusively sex-driven, it is a fact the adult content is an important part of the network, especially when it comes to business.

Apart from the industry of adult content providers, the network is also used by millions of individuals throughout the world to bring a new dimension in their sexual life: making friends or more...

There was thus a real need for a book on the legal framework applicable to online sex.

The book starts by defining what « sex on line » exactly is. It can indeed mean a lot of different things. Also, Internet did not invent adult content and history helps a lot to understand how this phenomenon was taken into account by legislation throughout the years.

The book brings a clear answer to questions such as: under which conditions may I open and adult content website? Which law shall apply in a borderless environment? Which specificities apply re adult content through a mobile? Is privacy guaranteed? What about payment? What is pornography compared to nudity or art?

Also, the author proposes a very large chapter on the crucial question of the protection of the minors, divided into two subsections: (i) the minor as an ‘actor’ when he is sexually abused or used for the purpose of sexual activity or pornography; (ii) the minor as a ‘spectator’ when he gets access or try to get access to restricted content he shouldn’t see.

The book is written in French.
Publisher: Larcier
Publication date: XXXX
Theme(s): Privacy and Personal Data, Electronic Commerce, Criminality and Criminal Law
Tag(s): child protection, pedophilia / pedopornography, sex
Number of pages: 224
ISBN: 2-8044-1531-7